Angel in Disguise Inc, does a great job helping our mother.

Tony Campbell

Angel in Disguise is an extremely professional, reliable and highly customer service oriented personal transportation concierge. Angela is a great driver and has served as our go-to transportation source for several years. Would recommend Angel in Disguise without a doubt without any reservations.

S. Bennett

Angel in Disguise Inc. has provided an unbelievable service, has taken me to and from meetings, the bank and grocery store. Not only you have taken me, you have been on call anytime I needed you, and are always on time, so that I make all of my appointments. For that I can say you are very reliable and this service is a huge asset.

Fred Glover

Angel in Disguise inc is awesome. Angela is very professional. I highly recommend her services.

Rose Valencia

I have had the opportunity to use Angel in Disguise Inc. services several times. The first time I used her to pick up my son from school and bring him home. She called to confirm the time. She was very prompt.  I continue to use her services time after time. I really feel at ease with her services because she has proven to be exceptionally responsible especially when it comes to our child.

Linda Cannon- Rivera

A word of thanks for your help with our son. On a manic episode with bipolar disorder, he was discharged from a public hospital in a foreign city. Angel in Disguise assisted him in recovering professional care for seven days until he could be transported back to his home town. Many thanks from a grateful dad! Your care, concern and professionalism are to be commended.


“Everything happens for a reason”. I truly believe that Angel In Disguise was more than a chance meeting. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018. My life felt like it was turning upside down until I got a phone call, just before Thanksgiving. I was told my family had been chosen to receive a donation. To my surprise, a tiny lady with the biggest smile and heart to match, was giving me a turkey for Thanksgiving. My heart melted! Angela has always been there for me and my family. Without the help and support of her non-profit organization, I don’t know how I would’ve made it through some days. I love what Angel In Disguise does for women with cancer. I am a VIDAS & proud of it. Thank you Angela, for having the courage and strength when I didn’t.

Regina B

Angel in Disguise has been an integral part of our family for more than six years. From providing our 3 children safe and reliable transportation to stepping in when our hectic lives left us with more demands than time…Angel in Disguise continues to be our go to partner when the need arises.

S. Johnson

Angel in Disguise services has been the proverbial life-saver for me during my journey, providing transportation to necessary post – mastectomy appointments. When I was diagnosed with Lymphadema, Angel in Disguise has been right there for me. I benefited when Angel in Disguise services provided emotional support as wellbeing a sounding board as, I vented , lending an ear, and providing a shoulder to lean on.

T. Asbury